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Mushroom Guide

If you've found the Apothecary in the haunted forrest confusing. You're not alone. So I've made this guide to mushrooms and toadstools in neopia. Some are quiet handy, others are very deadly. Beware the name of toadstool. I'm still exploring these so bare with me.

-List of Mushrooms and Shrooms-

    Blue Healthshroom: Will restore 1 hit point to your pet. Some pets don't like mushrooms at all and my gag on it.

    Yellow Healthshroom: Restores x hit points.

    Green Healthshroom: Restores x hit points.

    Poisonous Mushroom: This will give your pet Neopox, which can be cured with Neopox pizza. HOWEVER, this isn't a bad thing! If you're pet has something hard to cure, like Bloaty Belly or Neomonia you can feed it a poisonous mushroom then a piece of neopox pizza and it won't be sick anymore!

    Organic Mushrooms:

    Bloatershroom: To my knowledge, so far, this shroom only feeds your pet. Korbats love them!

    Floatyshroom: Food. Some pets won't like it.

    Blood Mushroom:

    Propellorshroom: Has had no effect on my pet so far. Just food.

    Super Fast Shroom: Permanently increases the speed of your pet.

    Ugly Mushroom: No effect so far. Just food.

    Tealshroom: Just food, even my Aisha ate it!


    Spindly Mushrooms:


-List of Toadstools-

    Bad Toadstool: This will reduce hit points from your pet.

    Pink Toadstool:

    Green Toadstool:

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